Directions from Cancun Airport

  1. Exit the airport and turn right to reach the highway.
  2. Take the Cancun-Tulum highway (307) southbound.
  3. Continue on the highway for approximately 50 km (31 miles).
  4. Turn left onto the road that leads to Akumal.
  5. Continue straight until you reach Akumal.

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Avoiding Scams
  • If you rent a car please read our advice to avoid being scammed by Gas Station Attendants. If you do not pay attention the gas station attendants will try to rip you off. 
  • The transportation services at the Cancun Airport are competitive and professional. Stick to the licensed operators at the service counters and you can buy transportation for fair prices and will not get ripped off.


Rental cars

Rental car contact at Cancun airport for all the majors:
Antonio’s WhatsApp
+52 998 144 6653
Local options:
* Isis car rental will also drop off and pick up a rental car directly from Lol Ka’naab.
There are shuttles that frequent the route into Tulum that includes Akumal. It is cheaper to use a shuttle than a taxi. 
Bekare Transfer’s WhatsApp
+52 998 844 4482
Ask for “Pablo”
Although they can offer convenience, Taxis are not the cheapest transportation option in Mexico. Especially during high season, taxi companies will jack the rates. The rates are more standardized at the airport but expect to pay $100-$150 USD for a taxi to Akumal. You do not have to tip the taxi driver. There are lots of Taxis at Cancun airport. You can easily get one right away.
Golf carts & bikes
If you want to rent a bike or golf cart for your stay in Akumal you can contact this company.