Cenote Casa (Cenote Manati)

This cenote is very different than the others in the area because it has an expansive open air portion. It’s located in Tankah, right in the middle of a mangrove field that forms a thick border around the water, and is also very close to the Caribbean Sea.

There are a number of activities you can do here that you can’t do at some other cenotes. Due to the large open sections, Casa is perfect for kayaking and paddle boarding.

Casa Is One Of The Only Cenotes Big Enough For Kayaking In.

You can also scuba dive and snorkel here.  There are blue crabs, moray eels, mollies, and a few crocodiles that live in the area. Cenote Manati has an interesting underwater landscape, with many overhead passageways, including mangrove tunnels that make you feel like you are diving under the jungle. 

Swim Under The Jungle

This site has lots of amentities. There are bathrooms, and lockers, kayaks and snorkelling equipment for rent. There are also massage services available right at the cenote. If you want to scuba dive, there is a dive centre called Manati Divers that you can dive with. The restaurant right across the street is very good, making this site perfect for a swim with lunch afterwards.

There’s a Good BBQ Place Across The Street That Has A Bar And Overlooks Ocean.

Tips: At the front entrance don’t be talked into buying things you don’t need or want. For example, they will tell you you need to pay for a snorkel guide which isn’t really necessary. If you bring a camera, hide it because if they see it they will try to get more money out of you to take your camera into the cenote.

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