On-Site Parking at Lol Ka’naab

Lol Ka’naab provides convenient on-site parking for guests, ensuring easy access to your accommodations.

• There are 4 free parking spots available directly in front of Lol Ka’naab for guests to use.

• If the spots in front of the building are full, you can also parallel park on the Jungle side across the street from Lol Ka’naab.

Nearby Parking Options

There are several other places to park in Akumal

Free Parking at Tssuk:

There is free parking available at Tssuk, which is the park where Akumal’s main bay is located. To access this parking, use the private road next to the OXXO store. Inform the security guard that you are going to the Lol Ha restaurant, and they will allow you past the chain to the free parking area.

Pay Parking at Plaza Ukana:

Plaza Ukana offers a pay parking lot which is $1 USD per hour. This lot is convenient if you are visiting nearby restaurants such as Taverna or Turtle Bay.

It is recommended to avoid other pay parking lots, especially those with flag wavers trying to attract you as you enter Akumal.