Taj Mahal Cenote

The Very Best Cave Dive You Can Do Without Requiring Cave Training.

Taj Mahal is one of the best cavern dives you can do generally, and it is probably thee best cavern dive you can qualify for with an advanced open water diving certificate and without requiring extra cave diving training. 

Taj Mahal is an awe inspiring maze of tunnels and cathedral like chambers with detailed limestone formations. Even experienced cave divers will be very impressed with it. 

A notable feature of Taj Mahal are the light effects in many of the chambers that some describe as natural lasers.  They are especially pronounced in the summer months between March & September. 

Your dives here can be as challenging as you are comfortable with and there are great sights throughout the entire system. The first cavern from the entry point you get to see bats flying through beams of light from holes in the jungle floor. From there, you’ll dive through underwater tunnels to the next main area with a turquoise head feathers and abstract looking tail. You can then venture deeper into the subterranean web of passageways if you have good buoyancy and trim control. There are sharp rocks that can be hazardous for divers that cannot control their buoyancy. Deeper in the cave system there are even larger caverns. In the depths of  Taj Mahal, even experienced cave divers will see sights that are new to them, including fossilized remains of ancient creatures and an unusually thick halocline layer.

Taj Mahal is a divers cenote and not for snorkelling and swimming. 

There are some bathrooms on site but they are basic. 

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