Tsuuk Akumal

Akumal, the shore, Two beaches, crystal clear, Peaceful, sun-kissed days.

15 walk from Lol Ka’naab


free parking instructions

Tsuuk Akumal is a beautiful nature park connected with Akumal Bay that sees tourists from within and outside of Akumal. It’s a busier beach than Akumal Half Moon Bay, located 20 minutes walk from Lol Ka’naab. Scuba and snorkelling boat tours dock and leave from Tsuuk beach.  The park is well known its Turtle Snorkelling Tours. The popular and lively beach restaurant Lol-Ha is located in Tsuuk, plus a spa and souvenir shops.

An admission fee of $8 includes access to beach loungers, showers and bathrooms. Alternatively you can go to Lol-Ha beach bar for free (no $8 admission) and there is free parking at Lol Ha.