Building Water

Water at Lol Ka’naab is sourced from a central storage tank and is distributed throughout the property. This ensures that all units have access to a reliable water supply. Here are some key points about the water system:

  • Source: Water is stored in a large tank located within the premises.
  • Distribution: Water is distributed to each condo unit through a network of pipes that ensure consistent water pressure and availability.
  • Usage: Guests are encouraged to use water responsibly and report any leaks or issues immediately to the management.
  • Bio-Digester System: Lol Ka’naab uses an NOM-001 complaint environmentally-friendly bio-digester system for waste management that protects the ocean. To ensure its proper function, please avoid flushing large solids down the toilet or drains.


Electricity at Lol Ka’naab is provided by the local utility company and managed to ensure a stable supply to all units. 

  • Supply: Electricity is supplied by the local utility company, CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad).
  • Usage: Guests should be mindful of their electricity consumption and turn off appliances when not in use to conserve energy.


Lol Ka’naab offers high-speed internet to ensure that residents and guests stay connected. The property uses the TotalPlay system, known for its reliable and fast internet service.

  • Provider: TotalPlay is the internet service provider, offering high-speed connectivity throughout the property.
  • Speed: TotalPlay provides a stable and fast connection, ideal for both work and leisure activities.
  • Access: Each unit is equipped with Wi-Fi, and the common areas also have internet access, ensuring seamless connectivity everywhere on the property.


Utility outages can occasionally occur in Akumal. Here are some important points to be aware of:

  • Water Outages: Occasionally, water supply interruptions can happen. These are typically resolved quickly, but it’s advisable to keep some bottled water as a backup.
  • Electricity Outages: Power outages can occur, especially during storms. 
  • Internet Outages: Internet service can occasionally be disrupted. TotalPlay works diligently to restore service as quickly as possible in such events.

Energy Conservation Tips

To help conserve energy and ensure a comfortable stay for all, here are some tips for guests:

  • Turn Off Appliances: Turn off lights, air conditioning, and other appliances when not in use.
  • Limit Water Use: Be mindful of your water consumption, especially during peak hours.
  • Report Issues: Immediately report any utility issues to the property management for prompt resolution.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding utilities at Lol Ka’naab, please contact the property management office.

Property Manager: Versa Del Caribe S de RL de CV

Versa Del Caribe WhatsApp: +52 984 151 8779