Aktun Ha Cenote (The Carwash)

The Garden Connects To A Cavern

Aktun Ha cenote has an open area that is suitable for snorkelers to swim in, called the “garden”, and also connects to a cavern with a closed overhead that scuba divers can explore. The open part of this cenote is like a small lagoon. In the open area, snorkelers can enjoy an exotic and colourful lily pad garden with spectacular vegetation, plus a variety of fresh water marine life, including Mollys and Turtles. Scuba divers can enter the cave portions of the cenote where they will see a very special, surreal view of the entrance from cavern to the garden where tree roots form a silhouette against glowing green algae. The cavern area is spacious, with black walls stained by tannic acid, and feature stalactites and stalagmites. Alligators can be sometimes spotted in the garden and the cavern.

Swimming is the garden area is suitable for all ages, but a life jacket is recommended for younger swimmer because the water is deep. The cavern is a closed overhead environment requiring scuba equipment to visit. It is a large open cavern and considered an easy cave dive. There are no rentals here, so you need to come in a tour or bring your own equipment. There is a basic washroom.

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