Groceries in Akumal

Free Parking To Shop

The Akumal General Store just before the Arch is the largest store in Akumal Playa. They have a wide selection of beverages, include beer and wine. The food selection is limited, though. You can get items like frozen pizza, eggs, cheese, chips and coffee. They don’t sell fresh bread, meats and vegetables. The Akumal General Store also sells a good selection of essential household items like soap and toothpaste.

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Next door to the Akumal General Store is an OXXO. OXXO is Mexico’s variety store chain. They are normally found next to gas stations and the types of items you’d normally expect at a gas station store are what you’ll find here. There’s also a 7-11 right across the street from it.

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There’s also a tiny little variety store that is 1 minute walk from Lol Ka’naab. To get to it, exit Lol Ka’naab and turn right. It is about a 1 minute walk on your left hand side. There isn’t a sign. The options are fewer here, mostly chips, drinks and cigarettes.

Grocery delivery to your condo

The final option in Akumal, your best option if you don’t have a car, is to get you groceries delivered. With grocery delivery you can get whatever you want brought to your front door from the larger stores outside of Akumal. Very convenient and reliable.

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If you have a car, you can go South on Highway 307 towards Downtown Tulum, or head North towards Playa del Carmen for bigger grocery stores with a larger  selection of items:


Groceries south of Akumal (downtown Tulum)

Super Aki. Very Good Grocery Store But Parking Can Sometimes Be A Hassle

There is a Super Aki right at the intersection of Highway 307 and Coba. They are a fully stocked grocery store with a wide selection of fresh groceries, including fresh fruit and vegetables. The shopping here is good, my only pet peeve with the place is they don’t have enough parking, the lot is almost always full.

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When shopping for groceries in Tulum my preference is the Chedraui. Chedraui is just one minute drive East on Coba from the Hwy 307 / Coba intersection. It has a large parking lot with plenty of spaces. Chedraui is a major supermarket chain, similar to a Walmart. They have a large grocery selection and sell lots of other items as well. They have a pharmacy section, a houseware section, and appliances. 

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Below is a map for how to get to the intersection of Coba / Hwy 307 where the grocery stores in tulum are located. There is also a Starbucks at this intersection.

Approximately 20 Minutes Drive Into Downtown Tulum


Groceries north of Akumal (towards Playa del Carmen)

If you head down highway 307, north on 307, the opposite direction of Tulum, there is another Chedraui / Super Aki combo in the town of Puerto Aventuras. The parking at this Super Aki is much better than the above-mentioned Tulum location. The Chedraui here is a newer one and it is inside a mall with a few additional shops and services. 

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If you drive further North past Puerto Aventuras there’s also a Sam’s Club and a Walmart in Playa Del Carmen.

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