Special Offer: Earn a $5000 USD Commission!

Are you an agent or a referrer? We have an exciting opportunity for you! Help us find the perfect buyer for our beloved Penthouse 1 at Lol Ka’naab, and you’ll earn a generous $5000 USD commission.

Why Penthouse 1?

Prime Location: Situated in the beautiful Akumal Norte, Penthouse 1 offers breathtaking ocean views, luxurious living spaces, and easy access to the best of what Akumal has to offer.

Unique: This spacious penthouse has beautiful cabinetry and unique architectural features.

Investment Opportunity: Akumal is a sought-after destination, making Penthouse 1 not just a home but a great investment.

How It Works

1.Refer a Buyer: Simply refer a potential buyer to us.

2.Complete the Sale: Once the sale of Penthouse 1 is finalized, you receive your commission.

3.Earn $5000 USD: Enjoy a $5000 USD commission as our thank you for helping us close the deal!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to earn a substantial commission while helping someone find their dream home in paradise. 

If you are a referrer or agent send us a query: info@lolkanaab.com