Utility Outages

  • contact the property manager
  • Utility problems are rare but do sometimes happen.
  • There are sometimes temporary power outages in Akumal due to storms and issues related to power lines. During a heavy storm the power company may also intentionally cut power to avoid safety issues resulting from downed lines. Normally whenever there is a power outage the power company arrives very fast to fix the problem, day and night.
Power Company Quickly Comes To Repair Transformer
  • Sometimes after the power company has fixed the problem with the power lines outside the building the breakers for the building or your condominium need to be reset. You may contact building manager if the power does not come back up or your air conditioning does not work after the utility company has come and gone. contact the property manager
  • Power outages might affect your running water because the water pump for the building requires power to function.
  • There are sometimes interruptions in internet services. The internet is very good in Akumal but might not be quite as reliable as what you are used to back home.
  • Akumal is subject to power spikes and so most of the units utilize some type of power spike protectors. If an appliance does not switch on after a storm or outage, the spike protectors or breakers probably need to be reset. Look for spike protectors on the outlets and connected to the breaker boxes or contact the property manager
  • Lol Ka’naab does not offer any compensation our refunds for utility outages.