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Cozumel Island

Island of delight, Cozumel shines in the light, Caribbean's bright knight

Isla Mujeres

Majestic whale sharks, Dancing beneath azure waves, Nature's masterpiece.


Chichen Itza near, Ancient wisdom etched in stone, Time stands still, revered

Akumal Monkey Sanctuary

Healing animals, Peaceful sanctuary thrives, Fun for all awaits.

Cenotes & Subterranean Caves

Swimming in cenote, Adventure awaits, cool blue, Nature's gift to us

Ancient Mayan Ruins

Mystery unfolds, Majesty of Mayans past, Ancient tales live on.

Tsuuk Akumal

Akumal, the shore, Two beaches, crystal clear, Peaceful, sun-kissed days.

Sian Kaan

Sian Ka’an’s beauty, A natural paradise, Peaceful, serene scene.

Discover Sea Turtles

Gentle giants roam, Beneath the sea's frothy foam, Their hidden home.

Tulum Downtown & Beach Road

Moonlit strolls on the sand, The gentle surf, hand in hand, Love blooms in this

Spa Services

Hare Krishna Spa is next door to Lol Kanaab and offers in room massages.

Snorkelling & Scuba Diving

Akumal calls out, Reef and caverns both await, Dive in, explore

Laguna Yal-Ku

snorkelling • paddleboarding • kayaking • scuba diving • swimming