Rancho Santa Cruz

Journey through the cave, Brings joy to the heart within, Peaceful mind, soul free.

Beauty of the formations
journey through the cave

Cave Is Close To Lol Ka’naab

You are walking through the cave waist deep in water for many parts of the walk through. There’s a part where the water is over your head where you can fully immerse yourself if you want to. This is a walk through underwater river adventure with cave tunnels and caverns with extensive stalactite and stalagmite formations. Tree roots that hang down and drink from the cave water.

Expect to be ankle to waist deep in water for at least half this tour. We were there in December and it wasn’t that cold.
You will see the stalactites forming

There is walking, wading through water, and a swimming part (only if you want to)

There is a section of the tour where the roof of the cave is open and exposed to the jungle overhead. The water is deeper at this part.
This is our group swimming in the deeper section. If you find the water a little too chilly there’s a dock you can sit on to stay dry.
This is what the open portion looks like from above

Bring water shoes to protect your feet.

Local Guide: Juan Pablo Diaz Durand and his email is akumaljp@hotmail.com and his phone is 984 154 3277

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